Monday, July 31, 2017

A free rewarding system for collecting tickets from advertising related websites where you win cash prizes.

Featuring the site of the month is a rewards system. You can collect tickets from websites hosting the ticket area on their websites for free.

Most of the sites hosting ticket areas are advertising related, so, by collecting tickets, you not only have the chance to win cash but will also gain loads of free advertising.

Every day the system will run and select a winner for the SOTD = "Site Of The Day" from the submitted tickets for the SOTD ticket host.

The prize won will be put into the winning members account.
Each Saturday the system will run and select a number of winners from the submitted tickets for that week.

Any prizes won will be put into accounts.
The prizes can then be withdrawn into cash via paypal, payza and Bitcoin.  Full details can be found in the members area.

Make 50% commissions from any ticket hosting areas sold to your referrals and get 50% of any prizes won by your referrals.

Why not enter and claim some tickets for free today!!!

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